Monthly Archives: April, 2020

Everyday changes. And Every Day changes.

I have been keeping a list of things that have changed since we’ve been staying home, avoiding exposure to the Coronavirus. I have divided my list into two categories: less and more. Less: driving, spending, interacting, dirty clothes, using less toilet paper because we have to conserve what’s in the cabinet; less going and getting, …

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Why Haven’t I BeenWriting?

Every day I ask myself, “Why haven’t I been writing?” I’ve been home mostly. With this quarantine and the ever-present fear of “being infected,” I should have time to write. I know I have ideas and inspirations. In fact, it feels like I am inspired fairly constantly these days. So, why haven’t I been writing? …

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Every day is a new day…to simplify

Finally, I have time to do all the things I’d planned to do “someday.” Finally, I can continue on my road to simplicity. There’s that word again. Simplicity. I guess it took a pandemic to help me and thousands of others get to this point of renewed commitment to simplifying. Less running around, going and …

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