Simplicity at its finest

black birds on the beach

black birds on the beach

When I was in my late teens and early twenties, going to the beach early and spending the day sitting in the sand staring out at the horizon gave me an appreciation for simplicity. It fed my soul and made me who I am now.

Yesterday, as we sat in the sand at Flagler Beach, Florida listening to the surf, I remembered one particular day all those years ago. I was lying on my stomach, belly sunk into the sand, head resting on my towel, and I got this feeling of profound connection–to the earth. I listened to the waves, rolling in, crashing gently on the shore, and rolling out. I heard them over and over, like a lullaby luring me to a place of peace.

As I paid closer attention, I started hearing the prelude to each wave, and actually felt the energy coming toward me even though I was a good 30 feet from the shoreline. It was as if the ocean was breathing, in and out, in and out, like a perfect yogic breath. Time stood still. At one point I thought I was hearing a helicopter coming and going, but when I finally looked up, there was no helicopter, just the water and the sky and the sand…and me.

I think that may have my first numinal experience and it is still with me today. When my feet are in the sand, and the air is warm and the ocean is keeping up its eternal rhythm, I feel blessed to be a witness.

This is simplicity at its finest.


  1. P*A*T*S*H*O*P*E

    That’s why I love going to Sand Bridge, there is peace and tranquility that comes from the ocean. It is almost a musical majesty that resounds from the waves, a sound found nowhere else in nature.

    • That’s a very nice description, Mama. I can’t wait to get back to Sandbridge!

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