Why travel?

Well, among the hundreds of reasons to travel, is the sense of something new and different. I copied the last paragraph from Facebook but the images below are mine. Two days into our most recent adventure and this is what I’ve got:

Magic mushroom circle on the side of the road at the rest stop.
This guy sat outside a breakfast diner on a hard bench watching the rain for at least 45 minutes. We thought he was waiting for a ride. But he finally got up and walked slowly across the parking lot to his car and left. “That’s our Army vet,” said the waitress. “He’s fine. He comes here every day.” I loved his peaceful face and twinkling eyes.
Some very tall building in Asheville, NC. I stopped listening to the tour guide because his jokes has ceased to be funny. Still a pretty building though, huh?
Part of the art district in Asheville. There seemed to be miles of these old warehouses re-dedicated to art.
The little stream that flows through our campground.

And that is why we continue to travel. Tomorrow the outdoor adventure begins!

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