A couple more stops, then home

We decided to come back a different way, heading inland instead of hugging the coast. We spent one night at Lake Marion, SC KOA and the next night near Rocky Mount North Carolina.

Lake Marion KOA was quiet and peaceful and pretty. The Rocky Mount KOA was also quiet and peaceful but very plain and isolated. We went into the town of Rocky Mount expecting to find some thing historical or interesting. Unfortunately, all we found was a lot of broken down houses and sad looking people. It was the most poverty either of us have seen in a very long time. And it kind of took the wind out of our sales for a few hours.

I didn’t take any pictures in Rocky Mount simply because it didn’t feel appropriate. But a couple hours later, we drove up into our driveway and this is what we saw

And because you can never have enough plants or flowers, the next day we went to our favorite nursery and got a few more.

Now it’s time to go back to work! Spring time is the best time in my opinion to travel. But the garden always calls me home.

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