Leaving the nest

With many tears and some uncertainty, I am leaving my two daughters, Jennifer and Rebecca, here on the west coast. Although they both began their lives on the east coast, they became the beautiful women they are here in California. To them, this is home, this small country of a state, with all its freeways and shopping centers, and state parks, and choices of lifestyle, and all its beauty and diversity. California is a good place to grow up and a good place to live. I am glad we chose to move here 21 years ago. They have learned more than I could have ever taught them. They’ve taken the best of what California has to offer and are living their own dreams.

Jennifer is turning 34 and Rebecca was 28 last December, old enough to be on their own. Yet it is me who is leaving. This is such an irony since we have grown so close in the past few years, but maybe that is the good news. What better time to say farewell for now? I know I will come back now and then, and I know they will come to visit me wherever I land.

Even though they have both been “out of the house” for over ten years, I am just now feeling the vastness of the empty nest. My heart is full though, full of pride, full of memories, and full of gratitude to be their mother. I love you both, Jennifer and Rebecca. My door is always open to you—the door to my house, and to my heart.

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  1. I love this post!

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