Packing my computer

Well, the time has come. I have to put my computer into a box. It’s become one of my closest friends these last few years, but especially these last few months. I started this blog here at this desk on this computer. Now I need to give it a rest.

We will be loading our truck later this week and for me, writing will have to be on the back burner so to speak. Once we are on the road I will continue adding to this blog from my phone and from my little netbook when there is time. Everything that precedes this post, basically everything that was posted in March, is about preparations. Anything that comes after this post will be the actual adventure. I estimate that it will take another two months for us to get settled somewhere.

Who knows what we will encounter along highway 70? Will we have to hide from any storms when we get to Nebraska or Missouri? Will the Atlantic still be as calm as I remember? What will I miss the most? My daughters, my friends and the fresh clean air, come to mind. But the wheels are in motion. There’s no turning back now, not that I want to.

So, travel along with us if you will. I’ll share what I see, hear, smell, taste and feel as we wander through the middle of this country. I’m not trying to create an award winning blog, or even trying to have lots of followers. I’m just doing what my grandmother suggested and writing it all down. Let the adventure begin! See you on the road…


  1. I will follow from France and Spain! Have a fun time.

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