Hanging out in Kansas City

We decided to stay in KC for an extra night since we’ve been through a rough few days. The weather has been ferocious: snow, hail, tornadoes whirling all around us, and finally, yesterday, high winds. It’s been quite a challenge pushing through so we thought we needed a rest. Plus, the hotel we are staying in is very nice and very new. It’s a sort of sophisticated man cave with brown and gold decore, modern lighting and flat screen tv’s all over the place. It is situated in the shadow of a huge race track which is ramping up for a race next weekend.

All day long we have watched mega RV’s roll into the parking lot, get a good cleaning and shining and roll out to wait expectantly for their inhabitants to live in them during the race. Apparantly Dale Earnhardt is coming, not such a big deal unless you are a race fan. We were told by one of the staff that there is a team of guys who travel with the Nascar drivers, actually ahead of them, just so they can keep their RV’s clean and sparkly. What a life! And who would’ve guessed, in Kansas City?

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