What I did instead of writing today

OK. I didn’t catch up with my blogging today. But I did do something productive, and then, something delightfully relaxing.

Sam and I agreed that the RV is getting a bit tight for us, especially when we both want to work on our computers. There is only so much space on our little table, and we do both fit, but with no room to spare. Plus, there is the fact that all day long we hear jets flying over us. I knew this was possible since we are right down the road from a major military training base. But I had forgotten how irritating it can be when you just want some peace and quiet. So, we went to the library.

Well now. Aren’t libraries supposed to be quiet places where people can read books and concentrate on important stuff like looking for jobs and houses? Something has changed. The library is no longer sacred space. It has become a gathering place where parents bring their children to learn how to read and sing songs and socialize. 

As soon as we hooked our computers up and got to work we heard this sweet little kindergarten teacher’s voice singing at the top of her lungs. “Peanut, Peanut Butter! Jelly! Peanut, Peanut Butter! Jelly!” Then twenty five preschoolers mimicked her. Over and over again. They were in the “meeting room” with the door open, right next to the “study cubicles.” Huh?

We tried to ignore the singing like we had tried to ignore the jets. It worked for about 30 minutes, then a baby started to scream while its mother was trying to tell her six-year-old that she could only check out five books. By that time the preschoolers were roaming around behind us looking for books and chattering away. Sam and I looked at each other and said, “Let’s get out of here!”

We had actually gotten some work done in the middle of all that noise, so we decided to “treat” ourselves by going to the beach. Not the regular, touristy beach that everyone goes to, but the special far away beach that is not cluttered with high-rise hotels and ticky-tacky souvenir shops. People who have lived here a while know that Sandbridge is the place to go if you want to have the beach “to yourself” so to speak. We went to the far end of Sandbridge. There were other people, but everyone had plenty of space and no one seemed like they minded if we had our three dogs with us.

So, we walked a little, and threw the ball a little, and sat a little and talked to people who wanted to know about our dogs. Mostly I took pictures and followed whichever dog was wandering off toward the horizon.

Here are a few of the pictures I took today when I was supposed to be working on my blog.

Perfect cloud over a perfect ocean

Buster digging a hole

Belle and her ball under the lifeguard chair

Sand crab tracks

Small gentle wave, perfect for soothing frayed nerves

Here is my favorite picture though.

Sunset from South Sandbridge Beach

Bring on the jets and the happy little singing preschoolers. I’ve had my beach fix for the day!


  1. The sunset photo is my favorite.

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