Today’s image of simplicity

Once you start really paying attention, simplicity is all around you. This morning it was a little squirrel, dashing around from tree to tree, stuffing acorns and other nuts into his tiny little cheeks. He saw me coming, skittered across the street in front of me, then stopped to see if I was still coming. I think he saw the camera and decided to give me a split second to capture his image…or maybe not. Maybe he was doing what squirrels do and I happened to be there to watch.

squirrel on a fence

I believe this squirrel’s life is pretty simple, not easy, but simple. Wake up, look for food, store food, eat some food, go to sleep. Repeat. Oh, yeah. Tease as many dogs as possible. Sounds like fun to me.


  1. Nancy

    This post is a great example of actually seeing what our focus is.
    If we want to see simplicity, we will see it.
    If we want to see chaos, that is always available, too.

    • Yes, Nancy, ever since the day I was walking down the street watching my dogs little tails swishing in the wind ahead of me, I have been bombarded with simple images like that. You are a wise woman and I am so glad to know you!

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