A “vacation” from our “vacation”

June 8, 2013

Tomorrow we leave the foothills for the ocean. We will drive up I-99 and I-5 through what remains of the hot, dusty central valley (we’re already near the northern end of it) toward Mt. Shasta where we will camp for one night. We have taken this trip before, but I wasn’t awake then. Now I am. My eyes and my camera are ready to take it all in. Other than the hot, dusty part, I am looking forward to seeing the middle of the state again, especially Mt. Shasta.

Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta

After our first night away we will travel up to Brookings, Oregon to take care of some details. When we left here last year there were a few strings  attached. We’ve got boats to attend to and a storage shed with who knows what left in it. Unfinished business. Problems we walked away from. Like we moved out of a house and forgot to sweep the floor. Now we’re ready to complete the task.



This will be a good trip one way or another. Unfortunately there will be little time to visit with friends or laze around on the beach with the dogs. This is only the first part of the last part of our moving process. I’m sure we will be back a few more times this summer. I hope to come back here to the campground in a week loaded down with new memories but less stuff. If nothing else, this is what a midlife transition is all about—gathering new, fresh memories and letting go of old, heavy stuff. Let the final purge begin!


  1. Pat

    God’s angels go with you!

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