Daily Archives: December 13th, 2013

Aquarium Village

One of the first jewels we found in Newport, Oregon was this cute little village. Yes, it’s a tourist trap,but we’re here in the off season, so most of the “traps” were closed. We had lunch at the little cafe where “everything” was homemade, really. And, since I’m knitting like a madwoman, I had to …

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Newport: A Real Beach Town

Even though we spent several days hunkering down inside due to the unseasonally low temperatures and snow–4-5 inches and lows of 14 at night–Newport ended up being one of the cutest towns we’ve visited lately. What it has going for it is a nice long, flat beach, good restaurants, a cute “old town” complete with …

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Sunsets Galore!

We are within walking distance to the Pacific Ocean for the next couple weeks. Some days that means witnessing gorgeous sunsets whenever possible. Photos of sunsets are all too common, but maybe that’s because they are so magical. Near Humbug Mountain

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