Today’s images of simplicity

After being here for over a month, we decided it was time to take a walk around Colonial Williamsburg…on the first really hot day of the year. We had been waiting for the humidity to come. This day it did. Just enough to bring on some serious sweat.

But still, there was so much to see. I swear, sometimes I think I could just sit on a porch all day watching people and looking at birds and flowers and admiring old buildings. Good thing that’s an option for a while. Next time though, I’ll bring more water!

                    Natural Trellis


        Tomatoes in rose branch cages.


                  Baskets on a fence.


                 Pondering…the past?


                Pondering…the future?


          Horse in a field taking a break.


            Simply stunning Foxgloves


  1. Williamsburg is so enchanting. You sometimes forget you are not back in the days of long dresses and bonnets and horse drawn plows.

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