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If you have a dog, or dogs, you know what it means to get up at the crack of dawn. We haven’t needed an alarm clock for over two years now. On this mindful Tuesday last week, getting up with the dogs was a blessing. After spending a couple minutes appreciating the sunrise, we walked across the street to a vacant beach house and sat on the private dock.
early morning reflections

This canal came as a surprise to me. I thought it was all about the beach, and here, right across the street is a whole community with a totally different vibe…A peaceful vibe I mean. What a dilemma it would be to choose between an ocean view and this view:

Beach? What Beach?

Beach? What Beach?

Either way, the water provides the magic.

I turned around and looked at the house and imagined myself living here, even for just a week or so. It would be roomy and airy and filled with potential. We could unhitch the canoe and float down the calm water toward the ocean, or we could just hang out on the hammock.
back porch storage
Curtain blowing in the breeze Or even take a shower outside…

Of course, reading and writing came to mind, and maybe a little yoga…but I’m wandering away from the present moment again. Let’s just say that particular present moment gave me a lot to dream about.

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  1. Your happiness is where you find it. Just look.

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