Sunrise with Mom

So, I’m enjoying the first moments of light on this gorgeous August morning, and I see this mother and what appears to be her ten year old son heading down the beach. She’s walking; he’s running. They get in the middle of my photo opportunity. I get irritated, for a minute, then I decide to just go with it. Here’s the story I made up about them. Notice how he moves back and forth across each picture.


Come on Son, let’s go watch the sunrise. But Mom, I’m tired…I don’t wanna….Oh, OK. Can I bring my bucket?


Hey Mom, look at those sand crabs! Yeah, son, cool. Look at the sun peaking over the water there.


Uh-huh. Hey, here’s another crab hole. I want to dig him out!


He must be in the other hole…Look, son. Look at the light on the water!


Oh. Yeah, that’s nice Mom.


Hey, I just found an empty crab shell! Look Mom!…Yeah, nice son. Did you see that beautiful light shooting across the water right at you?


Wow! That’s beautiful Mom!…Can I get in the water now?


Mom: I love that boy!

The End.

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