No more wandering


There were several points in the last few years when I thought I had found simplicity, at least for a moment. I came to the conclusion that there is no destination on this “road to simplicity.” There is only the awareness of being in a moment of simplicity.

So, I have argued with myself about whether or not to continue this blog. I’m no longer traveling, at least not in such a free-spirited, adventurous sort of way. Now travel is for specific purposes, like visiting relatives or getting children out of trouble. But, those are other stories, and not simple at all. “Life” is complicated. We have to deal with it. But we also have to balance the hard stuff with soft stuff. so….

I am coming to the conclusion that I will always be on the road to simplicity, because I look for simplicity. I see simple things, which frequently turn out to be quiet profound.

Like Fall colors.


Or a stunned woodpecker who just crashed into my door.


Or the ever-changing sky outside the window as I’m riding in the passenger seat.


So, I will revive this blog, with the intention of sharing my observations as a reminder to myself and anyone who needs reminding, that life is just a long chain of moments. That’s all. It ends when it ends. Our job is simply to be present as often as we can.


  1. Thank you for sharing all of your blogs. Similar story for us. I’m glad we are met as our paths crossed ever so briefly. We, too, have learned simplicity is better. God bless. Bob.

    • It’s a trend that can’t be denied. I need to catch up on your stories. But it’s nice to know there’s someone out there who understands the process if living simply. Enjoy your moments.

  2. Martin

    My friend and I read Eat , Pray, Love. Simplicity. I found mine and she found hers and they are entirely different!

    • Yes. And every day the meaning can change. It’s a process, not a destination. Glad you “found yours.”

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