Every year at this time WordPress reminds me that it’s time to renew my account. I ask myself, “Do I really want to continue this? After all, I’m not really traveling any more, at least not right now.” For the last few years I have just passively allowed the account to continue. No big deal. I’m just living my life, going to work, trying to manage a 2600 square foot house and 1/2 acre yard, and keep my sanity. What’s one more thing on my to-do list?

This year, I had a simple, but profound insight. It’s not the destination but the journey that is the thing. I knew this. I may have said it a few years back when this was mostly a travel journal. It occurred to me that all this time I have been focusing on getting somewhere. Somewhere called “Simplicity.”

And, of course, “Simplicity” is not a place, but a moment, or series of moments. It’s awareness of awareness, noticing when you notice. It’s now, and now again. Simplicity happens. Sometimes we notice. That’s all. Simplicity is that simple.

It’s the road that counts, whatever road I may be on at the present time. So, instead of saying this is “just another midlife transition,” I will say that the journey is the destination. The transition has happened. I’m here. Midlife is over. But I’m still on the road. And that is what matters.

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