A more focused year?

Somehow this year feels different. Even with all the drama, chaos and dysfunction in the world, I sense a deep, lasting change coming. Growth is painful and I like to believe that we are in a state of human evolution right now. By the end of this year, we will either be better, smarter, more peaceful, or we will be dead. Either way, big change is inevitable.

Maybe it’s because of all this uncertainty that my creative mind has opened up and let itself loose. I feel like some part of me has been on fire since before “the holidays.” So, I decided to make a list of positive, growth-oriented “themes” and focus on one per week. Also, in a moment of extreme optimism, I decided to make a mini-collage per week. The two ideas came together and, viola! Here’s my first image:



Getting Unstuck. That is a theme from Pema Chodron’s book/CD. Her theory is that we get  “hooked” by other people’s drama, our own emotions and other stuff that is out of our control. If you pay attention, you can actually feel the pull when this happens. Your chest constricts, your breath becomes shallow, your mind closes. I felt it today when I left my nice warm house to go back to work. It felt like another of Pema’s themes: resistance. But I pushed through and it wasn’t that bad.

Getting Unstuck is an ongoing process because we are only human, trying to make the world a better place. Enjoy your brief, unstuck moments this week with me.

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