Fluidity, Part Two


This is an image of Shiva Rea, an extraordinary yoga teacher who had the insight to create what she calls “Yoga Trance Dance.” This is a collage I made last January at the beginning of what I intended to be a year-long process of collage making. When I chose this image I imagined her coaxing the waves in and out with her graceful movements. I can feel the energy and the spray of the waves, and I can hear the roar, then the silence as they move in and out with their unceasing rhythm.

I can’t even begin to count the number of times have I stood at the edge of the ocean, feet sinking in the sand, wind blowing through my hair, feeling profoundly connected to the earth, while also feeling one with the ocean. Maybe these were my first real moments of mindfulness.

The quote at the bottom of the collage says this, “Life is creation; self and circumstance the raw materials.” We are creative creatures. We make things, come up with new ideas, push human evolution to the next level. Who we are and what we experience are the foundation of the creative process. Creativity and fluidity go hand in hand. In fact, I would say that creativity and fluidity are the same process.

But, sometimes we get stuck. Stuck in a mindset, or an attitude, or a mood. Or sometimes we are literally stuck in mud or sand or in a big comfy chair in front of the tv. It’s in those moments that we need creativity and fluidity the most. Pushing through the hard, stuck times gets us back into the flow.

Being stuck, or being in the flow, neither of these lasts. So, our job as awake human beings is to continue to move regardless of the circumstances. Just move. Find the fluidity in this moment, and go with the flow.

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