How to pack like a Virgo

There’s an art to packing. It’s like putting a 3D puzzle together. First you have to find the right box for the right stuff. Then you have to test it out and see if the stuff will actually fit and if there’s space left over you have to find something that “goes with” the contents. You wouldn’t want to put bathroom supplies in with office paper, or cookbooks in with fabric. Well, at least I wouldn’t.


  1. Wow,we think alike!

  2. Karen

    You remember how I sorted and sold before my move to Prescott? With every move “the stuff” becomes less & less important. I filled 8 feet of a 10 ft U-haul on this last move to Az. As I look at it all now considering another move, one I could make in a rental car, it all seems so unimportant and I am asking myself, “why did I move this?” You will be able to find magazines anywhere you go……

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