Sorting, sifting and packing boxes


For the past week or so I have been sifting, sorting and packing my personal stuff, including yarn, beads, books, little Buddha statues and old journals. But mostly it’s been art supplies. I have a lot of these. Probably more than I will ever use. But I can’t let them go just yet. I guess this is my grandmother speaking to me again, “You may need them one day.”

Note to self: With sorting comes a level of chaos. Yesterday I dropped a huge box of magazine images, all over the floor. I almost cried. Magazine pages slip and slide around like they’re oiled or something. Well, this wasn’t just full page images that could be gathered up and stacked back into their little cardboard caves, there were all sorts of sizes and shapes, and every one of them looked like something I might use in a collage one day. So, I took a deep breath, and even though my neck and shoulders were already hurting from sitting on the floor for two hours, I made the executive decision to organize this pile of shapes, colors, images and potential. It took another hour and a half.

At one point, my little dog came running in and landed in the middle of it all. Sigh. I continued, determined to finish. Finally, as my belly was starting to grumble along with my neck and shoulders, I reached the bottom of the stack of unruly pictures. I found three perfect boxes, one each for the small, medium and large pieces, put them in, labeled each box, taped them up and added them to the pile of other potential art projects. Did someone say that art is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration? I think this is what they meant.

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