The dangers of flying

I’m not afraid to fly. Of course I get a little nervous and claustrophobic and irritable. Doesn’t everyone? But sometimes you just get stuck in a seat next to someone who pushes your buttons. In my case it was the smell button.

I spent close to seven hours next to a young woman who had simply used too much cologne. I asked her about it and she shoved her wrist in my face, telling me it was the best thing she had found. I almost gagged.

Nevermind that she said she always got sick when she flew, or that she ate some pre-mixed mexican dish as if she was a starved animal, then grabbed her barf bag and pretented to regurgitate it all. Nevermind that she shuffled and shifted around so much that I was convinced she was on meth. And nevermind that she tried to climb over the seats to push in front of the other 200 passengers after we landed.

It was that musky-patchouli-stetson cologne that gave me a good reason to hate flying.

Next time I’m saving up for first class and bringing an oxygen mask.


  1. Mom

    Ha, ha, at least that was the worst of your flight. Glad you made it home safely. I don’t know of anyone who likes flying but Pilots, lol.
    Hope the next phase of your move is much more rewarding. Love you. Mom

  2. Michele Thomas

    Wow…hope my lavender didn’t make the other passengers feel bad! I had to keep breathing in, breathing out, breathing lavender to keep from freakin out! Good to hear your stories, yogi Theresa! Sorry it took me so long to read this…on FB less and less…in life more and more!

    • Hmmm. I wonder how my nose would react to lavendar? I guess I’m just sensitive to smells.I’m not online much any more either…no internet. I’ll call you soon so we can catch up.

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