Three dogs in an RV

Three dogs in an RV



I always said three dogs was a lot. Now it’s obvious living in these tight quarters. We’re all doing fine but sometimes it feels like we’re in a cage and one of us might just go ballistic if we don’t get out of here. One good thing about having dogs in an RV is that you have to get out at least two times a day, rain or shine, cold or hot. We can’t just get up in the morning sleepy-eyed and shuffle to the back door and leave it open for them to wander around the backyard at their leisure. RV potty sessions have to be planned and on schedule. First thing in the morning, of course they have to go pee, then they want to eat, then they want to go out again. And later, after their naps, and of course before bedtime. It feels like having small children, except they smell different.



They do love walking in all these new environments. I can tell that because they stop every five feet and sniff around in the weeds way longer than necessary and then trickle a bit of pee on top of the other dogs’ pee. We thought we were patient. They’re teaching us the meaning of the word.

It’s good for dogs to smell other dogs, kind of like it’s good for toddlers to hang out with other toddlers. They learn about each other and where they fit in. “Wow! Big poop! Big dog. Where is it?” Or, “Hmmm. Smells like Uncle Barney, or was that Aunt Daisy?” Or, “Ahh! Oohh. Yes. Cat pee. Let me roll my face in it. What’s that? Cat POOP? Alright, this is my lucky day.” Chomp, chomp. And they proceed to eat the processed cat food before we even know what’s happening.



I love my dogs. They make me laugh when I don’t want to. They give unconditional love even when we abandon them in the RV for a whole day. They snuggle at night, taking turns sitting next to us, the pack leaders. Sometimes they lick our hands or feet or faces as if they are simply in love with us and want to absorb our molecules into themselves through their soft little tongues. They let us know when someone is coming down the road, or parking next to us, or when another dog is in the vicinity. And, mostly, they sleep, not getting caught up in the petty human drama all around them. They are the balance to the inevitable chaos of constantly moving from one place to another.

For all these reasons I would recommend getting a dog with your RV…maybe not three, but at least one. They go with RV’s like picnic tables go with campgrounds. And when you’ve driven 400 miles down a long dusty road, wondering if you’ll make it before the engine overheats, and after you’ve attached the electricity and the sewer lines and the cable tv, and the sun is sinking toward the horizon and you sit down to enjoy your leftover lunch, you know your canine friend will be right there, staring at you, waiting patiently to get up in your lap and enjoy the motionless night with no expectations for tomorrow. They are happy to be here now. What better companion could we ask for?


  1. Great post Theresa! I can relate to a R.V. and dogs. Have fun!

  2. You make melaugh. sounds like you realy are evolving, lol.

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