Hoarders can also be obsessive talkers.


Written on May 12, 2012

Then there was the nice church lady who said her yard sale buddies told her she HAD to come to our sale because we had such good stuff. I knew she was a church lady because she told me to have a “blessed” day when she finally left. She was so enthusiastic. Her face was filled with light as if she had just spoken to God. She flitted around, eyes darting here and there, and after asking about 15 questions, made a pile of kitchen stuff, craft stuff, kid stuff, dog stuff, garden stuff and even a few tools that she admitted not knowing what to do with. I thought she was finished, but she continued wandering around our shrinking stock of merchandise for about an hour. And she never once stopped talking. Listening to her was like listening to a three year old who has just learned to put sentences together, except that you have more patience with a child. One thought led to another, then to another, then to another, and no thought was ever completed. Words came out like good yogic breathing, easily and steadily, with no hesitation in between. Sigh.

Sam and I took turns hanging out with her. We are both pretty good at listening without really listening, a skill that is necessary in the field of psychology. So we were able to redirect her about 500 times back to the current item in her hands. Finally, after scouring every single shelf, table and box, she said she was done. Actually, she said her car was full so she had to quit, plus her kids were going to “kill” her for bringing more stuff home. She paid us $50. for about $200. worth of stuff. We felt blessed when she got her wallet out. Before she left she made a point of looking us each in the eye and telling us how much fun she had and how she never buys anything from people who she doesn’t like, and how she felt like we were connected now, and how she knew everything she bought would bring her good luck, and how she would feel good when she sold some of it or maybe even gave it away.

Well, now. This is part of the joy of getting rid of stuff. You meet really interesting people!

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