Shelves are necessary!

Written on May 12, 2012

It seemed like everyone wanted to buy our shelves yesterday. Was it because the place looked so empty to begin with? Or was it just a coincidence? Between my husband and me, we promised most of the shelves to three different guys but told them to pick them up at 2:00. Well the first guy showed up at noon. If he hadn’t been picking up the endlessly talking hoarder and her stuff, we would have told him to come back, but he was doing us a favor…or so we thought…until he started taking the shelves apart right in the middle of the storage shed.

These are heavy duty metal and pressed board shelves from Home Depot, the kind that take forever to put together and make a lot of noise coming apart. He scraped them across the floor more times than necessary, then hammered each little metal piece and slammed it down on the concrete floor, making it sound like a construction zone. People were walking all around him trying to see if they could find any left-over treasure, but he was oblivious, on task, getting his $10. shelves into his tiny little trailer. I reluctantly packed up my Christmas stuff so he could get his last shelf out right in the middle of our yard sale. No sooner had he gone down the dusty road with the happy chatterbox than my RV Park friend came by looking for the Christmas stuff. Of course. I told her last week about this. OK. Fine. I opened up the boxes and bins, scattered all the holiday stuff around on the floor, and five dollars later, she was done.

Note to self: Keep the shelves until all the small stuff is gone.

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