Through the California desert

I have a lot to say about this trip today but it is not all positive. Driving through the desert was not inspiring for me. The air was dirty. We couldn’t even see the mountains in the distance. There are no crops here, just sandy dirt and scrub brush. It reminded me of the Oregon desert, but there is much more of it. I was tolerating all this dismal stuff when we found ourselves stuck in traffic behind a really bad car accident. We sat there, crawling forward one inch at a time, for about an hour.

I took photos of the accident but they were just too gruesome to show. It was a mangled mess of metal and plastic all over the road. Two big trucks and two mid sized cars were involved. People died there today. Ten miles of highway were blocked off. While we were sitting there I did capture this unique view of a helicopter helping out. We were behind a convoy of trucks and couldn’t see anything that was going on up ahead, then this helicopter flew into the space between the trucks.

helicopter working an accident on highway 58 East

 I find this photo beautiful even though I know that there was death and devestation just ahead.

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