Daily Archives: June 6th, 2012

early morning magic

 Once again Sam got up at 4 am to get this shot. I know that moon is leading us on our way. She seems to want us to notice her and show her off to other people.     I woke up to what sounded like thousands of birds singing outside this morning. We are in …

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pull through, plug in, slide out and kick back

Sam came up with the idea for the title and I took the pictures to go with his words. It’s always a team effort. This is the Los Banos KOA. It is much different from the one we just left in Petaluma. It is dryand dusty, and there is no real grass in sight. But …

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Petaluma KOA

The Petaluma KOA is a family friendly place with a petting zoo and some very territorial peacocks who seem to run things. They make their presence known frequently by screaming in the way that only peacocks do. This one was simply getting a drink of water from a puddle. I was glad he took a …

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