Petaluma KOA

The Petaluma KOA is a family friendly place with a petting zoo and some very territorial peacocks who seem to run things. They make their presence known frequently by screaming in the way that only peacocks do. This one was simply getting a drink of water from a puddle. I was glad he took a moment to pose for me.  

the boss of the campground

 When we arrived on Saturday night the campground was filled with kids. I mean hundreds of kids. I met a woman on the road who was trying to catch up with her eight year old son and I commented that it seemed like a great place for kids. She said yes, and safe. What I didn’t realize wasthat that meant some of the parents just let their kids run wild, so to speak. We were greatly dissapointed when we went to the hot tub and found it loaded to the brim with adolescents doing their awkward social antics like spraying each other with a water gun and getting in and out about ten times every five minutes, girls first, then boys following. But the next time we went it was better. Most of the kids had gone home and we had the hot tub to ourselves. My daughters and their partners and friends came for a sleepover on Sunday, and a BBQ and a more relaxed hot tub session on Monday night. That made up for the chaos of the first night. This campground is pure Sonoma County, filled with oaks, redwoods and pine trees. Here are a few images that will stay with me as I travel into the central parts of California.  


Sam and I almost stayed in one of these cabins last December when our RV had to be taken to the shop. The one in this picture is very small and sparse–a queen sized bed plus a bunk bed and a small shelf, no closet, no kitchen, and worst of all, no bathroom. Too rustic for us, so we went to the Best Western.

view from our “street”

 Tree lined streets, gravel driveways, one car per site, who could ask for more?

a nice structural oak tree

 This tree caught my eye last December so I was glad to finally get a photo of it this time. It isn’t quite like the “live oaks” that I grew up with in South Carolina, but it is still beautiful.


  1. You get right down to a description of each situation that makes me feel like I’m there!

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