pull through, plug in, slide out and kick back

Step one: Pull through

Sam came up with the idea for the title and I took the pictures to go with his words. It’s always a team effort.

This is the Los Banos KOA. It is much different from the one we just left in Petaluma. It is dryand dusty, and there is no real grass in sight. But we are only spending one night here so it’s not that important. Most RV parks have spaces called “pull throughs,” which means that there is easy access for large motorhomes with cars attached. There is no turning around or backing up, just pulling in and pulling out.

Step two: Plug in

 Electricity and plumbing are simple luxuries that we take for granted in our “real” homes. It’s very easy to hook up and makes a lot of difference in the comfort of the traveling experience.  

Step three: Slide out

Most newer RV’s have what’s called “slideouts” these days. Some have three or four. Some even have slide-ups which gives their lucky owners a second story to their home on the road. But those are mostly for famous people. We only have one slideout and that is enough. I appreciate the extra four feet of space for my “living room” and “dining room.” It works by simply pushing a button. How cool is that?


Step four: Kick back

 Of course this is the favorite part, kicking back after a day of navigating hills and valleys and long stretches of highway with no end in sight. Tomorrow we will reverse this sequence and head down the road a little farther. We are going south through the central valley of California for the next couple of days so Sam can see his sisters and his step-father, then we will turn east and go to the Grand Canyon. I guess you gotta go through the  boring parts to get to the exciting parts.


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