early morning magic

moon craters

 Once again Sam got up at 4 am to get this shot. I know that moon is leading us on our way. She seems to want us to notice her and show her off to other people.


birds on a branch

 I woke up to what sounded like thousands of birds singing outside this morning. We are in what seems to be a desert, not much in the way of green except for the artificially created farmland. But there are so many birds here! Maybe I am too critical of the Central Valley. Maybe it is healthy. I heard these birds and when I was walking the dogs I looked up and saw two then three then four and five on a branch. They were flitting around like nervous birds do, but I must have snapped the picture at just the right moment because they look like they are posing.


  1. Those are beautiful photos…worthy of entrance in a County Fair!

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