Taking advantage of down time

We spent three hours at the repair shop on Saturday, found three possible reasons for the engine to overheat, had them fixed, paid the shop $500. and left feeling like we might actually make it to the Grand Canyon after all. We started driving east over the mountains and as soon as we hit the first hill the red light started blinking and the buzzer went off. Both of us immediately said the same thing, “We need to go back.”

So, we checked back into the campground and took advantage of the “extra” time. I did laundry, cleaned the RV up a bit, got some groceries and today made some green beans and potatoes and homemade “health nut” bread. I also made carrot juice this morning, something I have been trying to do since we left but haven’t had the time for. It has been a quiet and healthy day so far.

Tomorrow we will go to a different repair shop and buy a new sensor which Sam will install and hopefully we will be on our way. Maybe before this next week is out I will be able to post a few photos of me in the Grand Canyon.

In the meantime, here are a few photos I have been wanting to post, not related to the overheated RV.

The first three photos are from the KOA in Barstow, CA.

early morning moon shot

We got up at 5:30 and the sun was blazing as if it was already 9:30. What a magical place to be in the morning.

morning shadows

The sand here is just like the sand on the beach. If you saw a picture of it without the horizon in the background you wouldn’t know it was a desert. The dogs are getting used to doing their business on a solid surface rather than in the lush green grass of a wetter climate.   

Shadows on the sand

  This is me and Sam and our three dogs, at least, it’s our shadows. 





On the way out of California we stopped at this diner called “Peggy Sue’s.” apparantly she was in show business and had quite a collection of memorabilia which she put into her very large restaurant. These are just three of the many photos we took at Peggy Sue’s.




The next photos are from the KOA in Kingman, AZ 

moon and white flowers, kingman, az


As the moon wanes it also appears in the sky a bit later each day. I think this one was taken at around 8:00 am. Just a few hours after this next photo of the sunrise.  




sunrise in Kingman, AZ


If you haven’t figured it out, Sam is the early bird in our family. He took this photo at around 5:30 in the morning a couple of days ago.     



Hopefully the next post will be filled with photos and thoughts from the Grand Canyon….we can only hope.


  1. pathubbard

    Beautiful pictures, but kinda makes you appreciate the greenery we are accustomed to, doesn’t it? Love my trees.

    • Yes, I could never live anywhere without trees or the ocean. We’ve been here for almost a week and it hasn’t grown on me yet. I does have its charm, but just not enough green or blue.

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