Heat Bubble: From Columbus to Savannah and Beyond

Written on June 30, 2012

It was so muggy this morning that my glasses fogged up when I went out to walk the dogs at 6:30. Then the camera lens fogged up when I tried to take pictures before we left. The outside of the RV was wet with condensation. We had it pretty cool inside and I guess it stayed warm and muggy outside last night. Just another reminder of where I am now.

 Here are the things that make it clear where I am:

  1. Everyone says “Y’all.”
  2. The highway is lined with pine trees.
  3. The dirt is either orange or sandy or both.
  4. Going outside at night means hearing cicadas and frogs “singing” at the tops of their lungs
  5. Going outside at night means being bitten by mosquitos and gnats, unless you use bug spray.
  6. Going outside at any time of the day or night  in summertime feels like walking into a sauna, which I seem to be adapting to pretty easily. It is comforting to me, like an envelope of warm heavy moisture, slowing me down and giving me the opportunity to sweat naturally again.

So, imagine all of this, the sounds and sights and complete oppression from the humidity when you look at the pictures I took at the campground outside of Columbus, GA.

one of the lakes at Lake PInes campground

rustic cabin

old timey church through a foggy lens


The owner of this place must be an Airstream collector because there were about six of them in various sizes and shapes. It brought back some memories, since I was slowing down and all… I guess we used to live in an Airstream when I was 5 or 6. I do remember it–me and two of my brothers sleeping together in one bed, a picture of us all looking out the front window, and later, me being laid down on the couch by my bus driver one day after school. It turned out I had appendicitis. My dad was in Okinawa and my mom had four of us to care for. My brothers were all younger than me and at least one of them was still in diapers. I can only imagine the stress she must have endured during that time. We saw this very same Airstream in a trailer park across from where we lived when I was in high school. A miracle? Maybe not. Military families move around a lot and they tend to live in similar places.

We left the lakes and the dense air with all the Airstreams behind and drove off toward Savannah, GA.


  1. pathubbard

    When you get to the Hampton Roads area, it will be hot but not so humid. That is what makes it so miserable. Hang in there. Yes we lived in a trailer but not a Jetstream. Ours was bigger than that one, but still too small for our family. Finding that same trailer in SC so near to us was like a nightmare. I thought we had gotten rid of that thing forever, EEK! We did have a real home then though. I felt sorry for the new owners.

    • I know. The humidity is definitely a true southern thing. I do like it though. It feels so familiar. Sam is not so sure yet. But he keeps the a/c on all the time.


    Your writing just keeps getting better and better…your book is writing itself.

    • Thank you Michele. That means a lot coming from you. Some days it just pours out like that and others I have to dig, dig, dig. But you know that! Hope all is well with you. I miss you too. I wish you could share some of this with me.

  3. I have driven through the south and can imagine the heat and humitity present in your photos.

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