Savannah, GA: Been here before; Will be back again

Savannah, GA is a place most people have heard of. It is an iconic southern town, complete with blocks and blocks of southern mansions, situated around circular parks with fountains and benches and as many oak trees as they could save. Spanish moss is everywhere–on the oaks, of course, but also on the magnolias and the crape myrtles and the boxwoods. The birds and bugs love the stuff. It makes a great home for both.

I’m sorry to say that I didn’t get any good photos of Savannah, this time, but we do plan to come back when it’s not 100 degrees and 95% humidity. You have to take your time here and stroll casually through the parks and down the streets noticing old ladies who walk hunched over looking at the ground but keeping one eye looking at you. This happened last time we were here. I have that photo…somewhere…

Sam suggested I take videos of our short drive through Savannah,which I did, but I’m still working out how to put them into a post. For now, this is what I have of Savannah:

savannah waterfront


savannah waterfront


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  1. Great descriptions.

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