Hilton Head Island: Dripping with Spanish Moss and Southern Hospitality

After we left Savannah we drove the familiar road toward Hilton Head Island, SC. When I lived here Hilton Head was a place for golfers, tennis players and people with money.  At least that was what I thought. It still is that, but those of us who are not golfers or tennis players or part of the one percent are also allowed “on the island.” I guess we always were, I just made an assumption back then. This place is a beautiful, picture perfect example of the sophisticated southern way of life. The island is well maintained down to the exact size of the stop signs and style of the buildings. It reminds me of Colonial Williamsburg, but with an island theme.

 We were delighted to find that our “campground” is actually an exclusive time share property only for motorhomes. People buy a site for their motorhome and either live here all year or rent it out for part of the year. Each space is different. some are landscaped. Most have garden art and patio furniture. One has a waterfall.


every site has its own unique landscaping

garden art

empty space

We feel priviledged to be here especially since it is not very expensive compared to other places we’ve stayed. We’ve already met some of the “locals,” who come from all around but stay here for most of the year. Even in the heat people spend a lot of time outside, walking their dogs, riding bikes, playing tennis, just sitting under the canopy drinking iced tea. There is also a nice, big pool and clubhouse where they have regular group gatherings. I saw a sign for an outdoor market every Saturday with fresh veggies and seafood. There’s a club called “The Looney Loop Group,” for residents who live aroud a circluar corner of the wooded area and “have parties and make lots of noise.” 

I am in love with this place and this way of life. I am determined to find a way to get back here and maybe even live here part time….yoga for seniors? traveling art therapist? freelance writer? It all sounds good.


  1. pathubbard

    Oh, De jiveu! (spelling?) Brings back some memories. Beautiful but the humidity would kill me.

  2. It sounds and looks like a great place!

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