Catching up…again


We are halfway through the second “UHaul” trip. This time we are using a Penske truck, but “UHaul” just sounds better somehow. Anyway, the last week and a half has been filled with so much activity that it has been impossible for me to keep up with my own thoughts, much less write them down. I will try here to summarize the most recent part of this journey.

Since “arriving” on the east coast we have spent a lot of time exploring–mostly with eyes toward continuing the RV life. We looked at every campground we found, compared notes and settled on a few of our favorites in our chosen location of  The Chesapeake Bay. I have lots of photos. Here are a few:

Thousand Trails, Chesapeake Bay

Morning on the Piankatank River

North Bayshore Campground, Sandbridge, VA

Cherrystone Campground, The James River

Neptune, the god of Virginia Beach

I could go on but the point is that each campground had its features and its downfalls. Nice views were coupled with broken showers. Large RV sites were sometimes just not level. One campground felt like Disneyland for adults. Weekends were just too crowded. We needed quiet and tranquility to ponder the next steps on our journey. It soon became apparant that most of these parks would be closing in November. We would have nowhere to go for the winter. So we stopped looking at campgrounds and started looking at houses.

We found a house, parked the RV in the yard and began the transition from a small, 400 square foot motorhome to a 1500 square foot house. But that is the next post.


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