Spreading out

A “Big Ol Box,” according to the owner

This is the house we will be renting for the next year. At this moment it is filled with boxes and disheveled furniture, waiting for us to return from our second UHaul trip with even more stuff. I’m guessing it will take us at least a month to settle in. I am looking forward to decorating the inside and gardening on the outside. I am also looking forward to having a sacred space for yoga. Sometimes more space is good.

Woman in lawn chair on the Rappahannock River

This river is a half mile from our house. We plan to walk the dogs down there every morning until the weather prevents it.

misty morning on the river

seagrass against a blue sky

I can’t get enough of these scenes. It’s not the ocean but it’s the next best thing. My heart and soul have planted themselves here. I am ready for the next step…starting over, moving closer to simplicity.



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  1. Beautiful home! You will have fun making your sacred space here.

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