But first, a few details…

Ten days ago we flew out to California, rented a Penske truck, drove up to the Northwest corner of the state and started packing what I thought would be our last truck. It took three days to pack. It didn’t all fit so we left the rest there.

The truck is full to the brim, everything solidly tied down and braced against the walls. Nothing has moved. The guys did a good job, at least on the second try. Kevin and Tim have been our psuedo sons over the last couple of years. They are brothers who have a sort of symmetry between them. One is a great organizer; the other is just a serious worker. They balance each other out and get the job done. Here they are:

Kevin and Tim

The first attempt at packing the truck was a miserable failure. All four of us, me, Sam, Kevin and Tim, were operating on half empty fuel tanks. About two hours into the process we stood back, looked at the truck and said, “”This is not working.”

scattered mess. need to start over.

“Well, I’m not so sure about this, guys…”

So we all agreed that it was time to take a break and start over again the next day. It’s kind of like painting or gardening. You have to know when to say, “That’s enough,” and just let it be for a while till you get your mojo back. A good night’s sleep was all we needed.

The next day things went better. Tim and Kevin somehow reconnected their brains in the middle of the night and by Saturday afternoon the truck looked like this:

much better.

Well, the truck was looking good. However, there was still all the rest of that stuff. I’m over the humiliation of needing two trucks to move our stuff across the country, but, at this point it was looking like we might need a third one. Please.

“Will we ever be done with this?”

I can see that simplicity is not going to come easily.

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  1. Hi Theresa,
    That’s a lot of stuff, but the house you’re moving into looks like it can handle it. You’ll know more after you get there.
    Have a great trip….again.

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