Wait. What are you doing again?

LOTS lake view

The name of this job is called CampHost. It sounds kind of cool, like you get to welcome people into the campground and show them all around the place, and set the stage for each and every camper to have a wonderful time. We could do that with no problem. Campers are usually pretty easy to please. They know they’ll be roughing it sometimes, but they also want to have some “amenities,” like a pool and a clubhouse where they can play games or do some line dancing or watch a movie. But we’ll be hosting none of that.


Our real job is to sell camping memberships. Nothing high pressure, which is a good thing since we decided long ago to walk away when someone tries to pressure us into buying something. High pressure sales = slimy and disgusting! We’re hoping our charm and sincerity create a new way of selling something that, after all, is a great stress-buster. Just walking through the park allows you to let go of anything that is not right in front of you. We figure, if people are already camping, they might be interested in camping more, and that’s where we give them our no-pressure spiel and let them decide. As the campground manager says, “This place sells itself.” We can only hope.

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