New wrinkles

Finally. I have reliable internet access…at least I think I do. So, I thought I’d try to figure out some of the finer points of this wordpress blog program, like how to post photos without all the gobbledy-gook codes on top of them, or how to attach video or simply how to save my work for later. Not so easy, even with internet. I need a blog tutor, if there is such a thing. No doubt, my nieces and nephews, and probably even my daughters would know how to navigate this crazy mixed up world.

But I’ll keep trying. It’s helping me keep my brain active, and that must be worth something. My mom used to say when you learn something new you get another wrinkle in your brain. Well, Sam and I joked that our brains must be pretty shriveled up and wrinkly by now since we’re always learning new things, whether we want to or not. When exactly does your brain run out of space for new wrinkles anyway?

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  1. Pat

    Maybe that’s what happens when you get alzheimers…you get so many wrinkles in your brain that some of the information gets hidden behind all those wrinkles. 🙂

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