Out of the smoke, into the fog

Aug. 8, 2013
driftwood on the beach
Back to the present moment….(two weeks ago, that is) Right now we are in Florence, OR, on our way to Brookings, OR to get ready for a yard sale on Saturday. We’ve been checking out campgrounds on the Oregon Coast, which is absolutely gorgeous, even with the perpetual fog and mist. The scenery is magical, light clouds floating across the road in between the trees and up the hills only to drip, drip, drip, unnoticed back down the hills into the churning ocean below. The Pacific Coast Highway is windy and breathtaking, with shear drops on one side and craggy rocks on the other.

Florence to Brookings, boat, LOTS, Aug. 2013 077
rhodie bud
mossy undergrowth
Redwoods and cedar and spruce trees crowd each other out, while rhododendrons, wild foxgloves and irises push up around their trunks. But, if there is a natural ground cover here, it is ferns. They are everywhere. Everywhere. Imagine it. Ferns everywhere. Magic. All I want to do is stop and take it all in, but the traffic won’t allow that. So we just keep on driving and sighing. I snapped a few pictures out the RV window, but they will never do justice to the real thing. Nature’s magic must be experienced personally.

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