Deer everywhere!

First Contact

new neighbors

Sitting in my car, exhausted from the cross-country trip, wondering how I ended up here, crying my eyes out, and up comes this little one. We stared at each other for several minutes. She seemed to understand my discombobulation. Her calm, yet intense gaze brought me back to myself. If she can do this, why can’t I?

Down by the Lake

deer in the lake</a

I caught this little guy drinking from the lake one early morning. He and his buddy were up to their knees in the water. Then they saw me and my camera.

run away, run away

With a bit of an attitude, the big one trotted off toward the other side of the lake. He seemed irritated at me for interrupting his peaceful drink.

yes! human food!

The younger one made a pit stop. He didn’t care about my camera at all. He knew what he wanted, a little grease to wash down his lake water.

Fawn Taking a Break from Eating
close up of fawn

Early mornings and just before dusk is the time to capture these animals taking advantage of their environment. They don’t mind us looking, or taking a picture, or even getting a little closer than usual. But, no petting, please.

Two “Big Guys” Practicing for the Future

big boys locking horns

We saw these two early this morning right across the street. They weren’t bothered by us at all.

Welcome, Deer! And, Farewell.


On one of our last trips through the campground gate we met this deer waiting for us as if to welcome us in one more time, or maybe, to say goodbye. She continued eating and looking around so I could get my phone camera to work properly. Then she trotted off into the brush, no doubt to find her family and carry on with her life.

I’m sure we will have pleasant memories of these peaceful neighbors. Even though they ate every single tomatoe that we tried to grow–well, all but one. It has been a real treat living so close to them and sharing their space.

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