Geese taking over the campground parking lot. They were here first!


Just after Labor Day these geese showed up at the park as a pack of four. They went from site to site, up the hills, down the hills, and through the parking lot, oblivious of cars or bikes or children. There were other geese in the park, but they stayed in the lake, floating around and flying away at night to some warmer place. These guys wandered around interacting with people, mostly being tolerated, but sometimes getting cursed at and shooed away.

We heard from one of the park rangers that their mother was killed earlier this year, so they never learned how to be geese. You could tell it in their eyes. they looked lost. They seemed to beg with little squaking noises. We gave them some old granola, which they gobbled up in just a few minutes. Then they parked themselves in the middle of the street for the rest of the night and waited for us every day after that. I hope someone else takes over for us….

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  1. Pat

    The Road to Simplicity isn’t so simple. Geese just make you slow down and wait, don’t they?
    Waiting is sometimes good.

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