End of the Season Thoughts

Rocky Path

Rocky Path

We’ve joked about being gypsies, but it turns out not to be such a joke after all. I feel fortunate to have seen so much of this country, and, ironically, the traveling has really just begun. I know one day I’ll be back here, well, maybe not here, but somewhere in this vicinity. California has a lot to offer. It is amazingly diverse, both in structure and in population. It is a microcosm of the whole country. There are places I would never want to go back to and other places I would go to in a minute’s notice. The point is this: Living an RV life—a gypsy life—means being open to whatever comes your way. Yes, you can still make plans, but you also have to be ready to let them go.

For now, the loose plan is this: go to Southern Oregon for a couple months, work on boats and sell stuff, then head south, maybe toward Santa Barbara, then head east, maybe toward Texas, and keep heading east until we find ourselves back in the mid-Atlantic, most likely in the middle of winter. If I had a dream it would be to arrive somewhere near my family in Virginia around the holidays. That would be nice. It would also be nice if my two daughters could be there for the holidays. But here I go dreaming and planning again. We’ll see if Pema is right about the futility of making plans.


  1. Pat

    Always make plans, but be flexible. You have to have a goal or a dream or why even get out of bed in the morning?

    • I say that to myself all the time. Without plans or goals we stop trying, so I try not to get attached to the outcome. Yes, flexibility is the key. Have you ever noticed that we think alike?

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