And in the background, real life problems

I want to keep this blog positive and uplifting. And I want it to be a reflection of my process. I’ve tried not to let the day to day challenges bleed into this blog. But sometimes, you just need to vent.

Our motorhome is 13 years old. It’s fine mechanically. However, the “house” part of it is showing its age. I can deal with the 1990’s decor–gold fixtures, frilly wallpaper, plastic lights and faded paint job–but when there’s no power or water I get a little irritated.

It all started during our visit to Newport. Remember that? Cute little beach town with a charm all its own. Well, if you recall, it snowed there. The temperature dropped down to 14 one night and stayed below freezing for close to a week. Our pipes froze and the 30 amp connection we had just couldn’t handle the amount of energy we were requesting with two heaters and a dryer and microwave all at once. Lesson: Be mindful of the temperature and your energy consumption. Our pipes started to leak and our electrical connection fried.

So, for the last week or so, we have been running the generator for heat and turning the water off and on as needed. Kind of a hassle, but it could be worse. After wandering around Santa Rosa for two days looking for solutions we finally settled on replacing the old stuff.

I have to hand it to Sam. He can fix almost anything. And he is a very determined guy. Today we are back in the field of normal. Now we can carry on with the fun parts of this adventure. And I will never take electricity or water for granted again.

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