And as I looked up…

Since my neck was hurting I naturally raised my head and started to look up. Nothing but blue sky…but, wait…is that? Yes it is. GEESE!

Who doesn’t stop and look up when a flock of geese flies overhead? Well, I do, and I did. Imagine seeing them, like specks in the distance, all gathered in a line, uncertain if they will actually come your way…

geese in the distance

geese in the distance

They start to scatter away from each other but, yes, they’re still heading in the same direction…

geese coming closer

geese coming closer

And before you know it they’re straight over your head, stretching so far across your peripheral vision that you can really only focus on a few.

geese overhead

geese overhead

And then, they’re gone. Flying off to whatever resting place is on their route.

geese going away

geese going away

And you are left wondering what it would be like to be a goose who lives by the ocean and spends its time pecking around in the marshes and tending to chicks in the sand dunes. Well, at least that’s what I wondered, just for a minute. Then I let my attention float back to the sandy earth beneath my feet.

Now, that was truly a moment of simplicity.

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