The divine impermanence of it all

Heading north

Heading north

another shell and shadow

another shell and shadow

Once the geese flew overhead, I turned around and thought it must be time to start back toward the beach house. I saw a few more shells and other beach ornaments, but my eyes wandered toward the line of houses where I was headed.



In our family there has only ever been one “beach house.” It belongs to my Uncle Ron and Aunt Kathy. Ron has lived there in that spot for, well, longer than I’ve known him. the house burned down about 15 years ago and was rebuilt.

the beach house

the beach house

It is small compared to most of the other houses on this beach. But to me it is just right. When I have the priviledge to stay here for a day or two, I feel like I am in paradise. Period. And I try very hard not to get attached. I spend as much time as I can walking in the sand, but mostly I just sit and look out at the horizon. It opens my mind and helps me find some clarity and peace beneath all the chaos of my life.

Castles in the sand...for now

Castles in the sand…for now

This series of moments ended with a solemn thought and image. I saw this former sand castle on the way back. It reminded me how impermanent everything in this world is…houses, seashells, waves, people, and thoughts. This is why I work so hard on staying present. Because this moment is really all we have. Really.

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