No Security


Part of groundednesss is the notion of safety and security, (which Sam reminds me are both illusions) and the perceived solidness of the earth. I like to think that I am mostly grounded, feet firmly planted, and I have a good foundation for my life. I appreciate having a home on solid ground with some space around it, and love the fact that our floors are mostly wood with little movement underneath, at least downstairs. Building a firm foundation for a house takes time and talent. And the thing is, even the best foundation can’t last forever.


When we lived in California there were always earthquakes to worry about. It didn’t matter how strong our home’s foundation was. Even small tremors felt like the end of everything for a few mindful moments. When the earth moves, everything resting on it moves too. Now in California that worry is compounded by yearly fires and floods. That is too many natural disasters waiting to happen for my sense of safety and security. But is anywhere really safe or secure, or solid?


When you really think about it, the earth is not solid at all. Just a few hundred feet beneath our roads, lawns and homes is hot liquid. Magma, the stuff that volcanoes spew out now and then. And it is suspected that there is more water UNDER the earth than on its surface. So we are mostly floating on liquid. Solid earth is an illusion, just like safety and security. But we like illusions, don’t we?


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