The road goes on and on…

Wow. Who knew that downsizing could take so long? Six years after starting this journey, we are still navigating a small sea of stuff. But now, we have added another layer of stuff—my mother’s. It’s not terrible, but it could be. Sometimes I wish we could have a devastating hurricane or tornado so it would all just blow away and I wouldn’t have to make all these choices. But that is the easy way out. Just this morning Sam said, “Getting rid of stuff is ten times harder than accumulating it.” Too bad we had to learn that the hard way. 


Where my car would go if there was room.

We have had two yard sales since September, in between storms. We sold lots of little stuff, nothing big or heavy, or “worth something.” Both times it was a lot of work. My feet and legs hurt for days afterwards. Each time, we found more stuff, so nothing seems to have moved. There are boxes, and boxes of odds and ends in our garage. Little room to walk or park a car. Bikes with flat tires, tools, blankets, leather, chairs, bits and pieces of dreams and intentions long dead and forgotten. The spiders love it. They have thrived in this musty, cardboard and plastic environment. We move their houses, and they build new ones overnight. They are resilient and don’t really care about our stuff. They just carry on, weaving their webs and laying eggs. I wish it was that easy for us humans.

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