No words at this moment.



  1. pathubbard

    No I won’t like it. Just the cost of the wrecker is enough to make you want to cry. I would call the guy you bought the RV from to see what he has had done to it so you don’t redo. God bless you.

    • Well, we lucked out on that part since our insurance paid for the tow truck. “$1,000 flat rate,” that’s what the bill said. But the guy really worked his butt off getting the thing hooked up then unhooking it. Plus he had to drive 75 miles both ways. Hopefully by the time we get this hose fixed there won’t be anything else that can break. And,the guy we bought the RV from didn’t do a darned thing to it, that’s why we’re having to do it now. He lied to us. He will hear from me in the future though.

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