Roller coaster in the desert

So, here’s the trajectory: Last Friday the RV started overheating, a lot. It had actually been indicating that it was overheating but we didn’t believe it since we had recently replaced the radiator and the over flow tank. We thought there was something wrong with the sensor, so we just babied it for a while. But it got worse. So we decided to stop and get it fixed.

The next day, Saturday,  June 9th, we brought it to a place that said they had 40 years experience with RV’s. Sounded good so we trusted them. They found a hose that was spilling oil into the radiator, replaced that hose, cleaned the area thoroughly, pulled out the air filter which was clogged with all kinds of weird stuff as if it had never been changed, then replaced that and sent us on our way. Not fixed. It over heated within five miles. We went back to the campground and called a different repair shop. This one specialized in big rigs. They said they could fit us in on Monday. So we took Sunday off and anticipated leaving on Monday afternoon.

Monday, June 11th, these “heavy duty” mechanics used their sophisticated equipment to diagnose the problem and then fix it. A faulty thermostat. Like the air filter, it was old and over-used. We thanked them, had lunch and drove away. Seventy-five miles later a different buzzer went off. This time it said there was low water. A major hose had burst because of the extra pressure from the new thermostat doing its job properly. 

We sat in a safe spot off the highway near this sign from 3:00 till 7:30.

Stalled again. I almost took a hike into the woods to scream a bit, but decided it was just too hot.

More later…


  1. pathubbard

    So sorry. And screaming may have been a good thing for your body. I assumed you replaced the hose, but maybe should check the rest of the hoses that are old, as they may give up the ghost too.
    Just hoping and praying This trial is soon to be over. Love you daughter. I wish I could be there to help you out, even if it was just to listen.

    • Thanks, Mama. You are listening! Yes, we are checking the other hoses. I’m ready to stop writing about this though. Sam and I laughed last night when we realized that our U-Haul trip was way more fun that this one has been so far. It will change, I know. We just need to lay a better foundation.

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