Part Three: Cooling system collapse

This is what the ground looks like here. It’s very crunchy.

Another fine desert scene for me to burn into my brain. It’s OK though. I’m getting used to it. The heat feels good to my bones and joints and I don’t have to use my hair dryer in the morning any more…oh yeah, getting off the subject….

When we saw the copious amounts of anti freeze and water shooting out of the hose just beneath our bed, we decided it was time to call someone…again.

What’s left of the antifreeze that poured out just five mintues earlier.

Since we were truly stranded on the side of the road in the desert this time, we called our insurance. After an hour or so on the phone, they arranged for a tow truck. We sat on the side of the road, in a safe place, looking at scrub brush and sand for four hours. Finally the monster tow truck arrived. Then it took two hours for him to get the RV hooked up. He towed us to the next KOA in Seligman, AZ. Then it took him another two hours to unhook it. What a process.

There’s a great irony in all of this: The tow truck came from the very repair shop we just left back in Kingman. It is the only one that can do this sort of job. And that same repair shop is the only one that can get the hose we will need to fix this new problem. Seventy five miles away.

OK. Are the gods playing games with us? Or testing us? Whatever. I say, “Bring it on!”

We ordered the part, arranged to drive the car back tomorrow to pick it up, lined up a mobile mechanic here in Seligman to install it and sat back on our couch, wondering if we will ever see the Grand Canyon. Hero’s journeys are like this–trial after trial, with just enough bliss thrown in to keep us motivated. Then one day you simply arrive, and begin again.


  1. pathubbard

    Maybe you need to let the Grand Canyon go then plan another trip by flight to visit it as a special journey.

    • I’ve said that a couple of times. I’d rather come back and just see the GC without all of this other stuff. We’ll see how things go in the next couple of days. We built in a lot of extra time so we will still arrive there when we planned, unless something bigger than this happens. thanks for keeping up with my blog. When are you going to start one? “My life as a grief counselor,” or “How to keep peace in your family,” or something to that effect.

  2. Lynne Seeley

    I guess the road to simplicity isn’t always simple. Hope things go smoothly from here on out.

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